Protect your child from flu

Did you know the flu shot is free for children from 6 months to under 5 years old?

Influenza (the flu) is much more serious than a cold and spreads easily. In 2017, over 650 people died in NSW from the flu.

As your child's immune system is still new, they are at risk of developing severe flu infections like pneumonia and bronchitis that could require hospitalisation.

The best way to keep your child and family healthy is to get a flu shot.

An annual flu shot from May is your baby's best protection against flu. The flu shot is safe and does not give your child the flu.

Free flu shots are available for pregnant women, children from 6 months to under 5 years, all Aboriginal people from 6 months of age, all people 65 years and over, and people with medically at risk conditions, such as severe asthma, diabetes, immune disorders, cancer, liver, lung, kidney and heart disease.

Talk to your doctor of health worker for more information, or visit

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