Managing COVID-19 challenges – professional development

Professional development is available to all NSW early childhood education services to address specific COVID-19 challenges.

22 June 2020

The department has collaborated with a number of organisations to deliver the following professional development opportunities for free.

To register you must be from an early childhood education and care service in NSW.

Risk management in children’s services:

Develop and implement risk assessments with a COVID-19 focus

Webinar delivered by Community Early Learning Australia (CELA) and will include:

  • best practice risk management and assessments in early childhood education settings
  • information on identifying hazards and risks
  • customising a risk assessment for a service
  • communication to stakeholders
  • reviewing and updating risk assessments
  • how to undertake a COVID-19 risk assessment.

To register, select your preferred session:

This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to our multi-media library.

The Developing Brain

Presentations delivered by renowned neuroscience educator, Nathan Wallis.
These presentations will cover:

  • understanding how a child’s brain works and matures
  • approaches and strategies to education and care which work best from a neuroscience perspective
  • behaviour management strategies.

Tickets to each presentation are strictly limited. These presentations are pre-recorded and will be available to view for a limited time. To register, select your preferred session:

Managing challenging conversations (NESA-accredited)

Webinar delivered by Semann and Slattery and will include:

  • ways you can manage difficult conversations with families and carers at this time
  • confidence building through developing the skills and capabilities needed to engage in difficult conversations with a level of respect and empathy.

To register, select your preferred session:

This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to our multi-media library.

Mental health and wellbeing webinars

Thank you to all educators who have attended the June mental health and wellbeing webinars. For those who missed out, tickets for the July sessions are currently available.

Be You: Growing a mentally healthy community
Webinar delivered by Be You and will explore risk and protective factors for mental health and provide practical tools and guidance for mental health in the early years.
Register here

Educator wellbeing, understanding mental health & effective communication
Webinar delivered by Safer Communities and will offer practical and evidence-based training on mental health first aid and mental health education, with the goal of improving mental health literacy.
Register here

Mindfulness in early childhood
Webinar delivered by Smiling Mind and will include the research benefits of mindfulness, why it is important and how to bring it into an early learning environment.
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If you have any questions please contact our information and enquiries team:
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