How to receive funding

All eligible Approved Providers will receive communication from the department. The Approved Provider needs to:

  1. Ensure the service information in CCSS is correct.
  2. Nominate a person in authority at the Approved Provider who will be the SP-Admin Account holder in ECCMS. The SP-Admin Account holder is the only person who can accept the Terms and Conditions to generate payments. Only one person per provider can be nominated as SP-Admin.
  3. The nominated person needs to obtain an AUSkey from the Australian Taxation Office to enable access to the funding agreement in ECCMS (the Early Childhood Contract Management System).
  4. Email the AUSkey details to the department at, so that the ECCMS account can be created. The ABN for the AUSkey must be identical to the ABN that will be linked to the service account in ECCMS to allow you to log in. The department will email the Approved Provider once the ECCMS account is set up.
  5. Ensure that the ECCMS SP–Admin account holder can log into ECCMS successfully.
  • First login to ECCMS, you must use the ECCMS registration key emailed to the SP-Admin account holder.
  • Subsequent login to ECCMS can be done through the link on the department’s website
  • Select the link “Click here to Login to ECCMS”
  • Select the user name in the list, enter the password (which has been issued by the Australian Business Register during the AUSkey application process), and then click ‘Continue’.
  1. The SP-Admin account holder must review and/or update details in ECCMS:
    • the Main Service Provider page – ensure that service details and contacts are up to date on the Main Details tab, Contacts and Address tabs
    • Each Funding Specification page – ensure that details and contacts are up to date on the Main, Contacts and Address tabs
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions in ECCMS. The Approved Provider will not be paid unless the Terms and Conditions are accepted in ECCMS.
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