Funding guidelines for additional venues

Supplementary funding is available to existing mobile preschool service providers to support the establishment of new venues under the terms of an existing mobile preschool contract. A contract variation to existing mobile preschool contracts will be used to facilitate the arrangement.

Service providers are required to make an application for this supplementary funding. Applications will be assessed and contract variations awarded according to program priorities and available funding.

Eligibility criteria

Service providers funded under an existing mobile preschool contract are eligible to apply for a mobile preschool contract variation.

Supplementary funding: Round 1(now closed)

On 30 April 2018, applications for submissions for supplementary venue funding closed. (Round 1).

However the contract variations for Round 1 will continue during 2019.

Supplementary funding: Round 2 (applications close on 28 November 2018)

The department has announced a second round of supplementary funding for additional venues (Round 2).

Submissions for applications for Round 2 funding close on 28 November 2018.

Funding available under contract variations for Round 2 are as follows:

(2019) $60,000 supplementary funding for the service provider to establish one or more additional venues. The supplementary funding will be paid by an amount of $30,000 as an upfront lump sum (after signing the contract variation). Then, $15,000 will be paid for each of two quarters consistent with the timing of quarterly payments under the existing mobile preschool contracts.

An applicant from Round 1 is eligible to apply for funding in Round 2, provided a venue that has not already been approved for supplementary funding is being added.

Spending rules

Funding will be provided for the costs associated with establishing and maintaining the new mobile preschool venue(s). The supplementary funding is for the addition of new venues. It is not to be used, for example, for a service provider to set up a new venue after closing down an existing venue. The additional funding is also not to be used to expand an existing venue.

Funds may be used for costs such as:

● the purchase or lease of a new vehicle

● setting up a new venue to provide an early childhood education program

● extended staffing arrangements

● additional equipment or ongoing operational costs due to the new venue.

Funding is not to be used for:

● expanding existing venues

● replacing existing venues.

Application process: Round 2

Mobile preschool contract variations will be awarded following an application process. Service providers will be required to submit an application form including the following:

● Documentation showing demonstrated demand, corresponding to a minimum of five enrolments of eligible funded children per new venue (four and five year old children in the year before school, and three year old children from Aboriginal or low income families), as well as three year old children with a disability or additional needs (see Start Strong guidelines)

● Evidence that proposed new venue(s) will operate in areas where centre-based preschools are not readily available (for example, rural/remote areas where no other preschool provision exists)

● An updated business plan, outlining the proposed new venue(s) and how the funds will be allocated in establishing the new venue(s)

Mobile Preschool Approved Providers can apply by filling out the Mobile Preschool Additional Venue Application form, which has been emailed directly to services. Applications must be returned to the department via email at or via post to Early Childhood Education Directorate, NSW Department of Education, Locked Bag 53, Darlinghurst.


The department may rank applications according to the following priorities:

● new venues proposed are located in very remote, remote, outer regional and inner regional areas

● the number of enrolments at each new venue, with a focus on four and five year old children in the year before school, and three year old children from Aboriginal or low income families, as well as three year old children with disability or additional needs (see Start Strong guidelines)

● the demonstrated shortage of early childhood education in the area proposed for new venues

● the ability of new venues to improve the provision of a culturally safe and appropriate early childhood education for Aboriginal children.

Timing: Round 2

Applications, assessment and contract arrangements

● The applications for a Round 2 mobile contract variation have opened and will close on 28 November 2018.

● Applications will be assessed and successful applicants advised progressively, depending on the number of applications received. Notifications will likely be completed during December 2018.

● The contract variation will be effective on 1 January 2019, after venue service approval has been granted under applicable laws including the Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Act 2011.

● Venue service approval (if required) is to be obtained by 30 April 2019. Under the contract variation, if the venue service approval is not in place by 30 April 2019, the department and service provider will discuss the service provider’s efforts in obtaining the relevant approval. If the approval is then not obtained or the department believes the approval will not be obtained in a timely manner, the contract variation may be terminated. Any additional funding paid to the service provider may be required to be refunded to the department.


Service providers will report enrolments of children at each additional venue(s) in the August Annual Community Preschool Census.

● Funding may be discontinued if a service provider is not able to report a minimum of 5 enrolments of eligible funded children per new venue at the August Annual Community Preschool Census each year.

● In the event that an existing venue funded under the existing mobile preschools contract closes during the term of the contract variation, the continuation of supplementary funding may be discontinued and will be considered by the department with reference to the particular circumstances of the venue closure.

Monitoring and evaluation

The department will:

● monitor enrolments at each new venue as reported at the August Annual Community Preschool Census each year

● monitor the closure of any existing venues during the term of the contract variation

● implement an acquittal process to ensure that spending rules have been satisfied as per the contract variation.

Contact details

For more information about mobile preschool contract variations, please contact the department’s Early Childhood Education Directorate:

Phone: 1800 619 113


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