2023 Sector Capacity Building Program Guidelines

1. Aim

The Sector Capacity Building program (SCB) provides free training and support to staff in community preschools to implement inclusive education practices and enhance ongoing inclusion readiness.

2. Eligibility criteria

The SCB program is available to all NSW community preschools.

3. Program overview

The SCB Program is delivered by Early Childhood Intervention services (or other qualified organisations). Community preschools are assigned an Early Childhood Intervention service as their SCB provider.

All community preschools are encouraged to engage with their SCB provider to support and enhance their ongoing inclusion readiness. Even preschools that do not currently have children with disability and additional needs enrolled can benefit from the free training, support, networking, and advice offered under the SCB program.

In 2022-2023, the SCB providers will assist preschools to:

  • increase their capacity to include children with disability and additional needs on the same basis as their peers
  • increase their capacity to provide specialised transition to school supports for children with disability and additional needs
  • enable equitable education outcomes for children with disability and additional needs consistent with the five outcome areas of the Early Years Learning Framework (Identity, Connectedness, Wellbeing, Confident and Involved Learners, Communication)
  • understand the external support options for children with disability and additional needs, and how these supports can be used to complement the preschool program.

Under this program, preschools may access direct support such as:

  • service site visits
  • web-based/phone/email support
  • resource provision
  • networking and training opportunities.

Supports provided to a preschool may also include indirect supports, such as sourcing or developing tailored resources and training.

The level of support provided to a preschool, including the content and mode of delivery, is based on the needs of the preschool and determined through a discussion between each preschool and their SCB provider.

Examples of supports requested by a preschool may include, but are not limited to:

  • inclusion readiness - how to prepare for the immediate or future enrolment of children with disability and additional needs
  • developing and implementing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to address the educational support needs of an individual child
  • supporting the participation of children with disability and additional needs using funded and unfunded supports
  • support to submit applications for High Learning Support Needs (HLSN) and Minor Capital Works funding
  • understanding how HLSN funding may be best utilised to support a child across their enrolment (for up to five days attendance per week)
  • training and resources to support positive behaviour guidance, communication and/or transition to school
  • understanding early childhood intervention supports available in addition to the preschool program
  • Evaluation of the educational program and environment to support the participation of children with disability and additional needs.

4. Further information

For further information about the SCB program, including contact details for your local SCB provider, please contact the department by:

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