Mobile Fund Application Guide

Applications for this fund are now closed for 2021/2022.

This application guide will help you complete a strong Start Strong Capital Works Grant application for the Mobile Fund. As part of your application, you will need to address five key assessment criteria.

Start Strong Capital Works grants are awarded after a competitive process.

Eligibility to apply for a grant does not guarantee the success of an application.

Assessment criteria: Capability and capacity for project delivery

Project completion

You are asked to confirm that you are able to complete the project which entails purchasing the vehicle and acquitting funds within 6 months of the funding agreement being executed. If this timeframe does not suit your circumstances, then you should consider applying in a future round.

Project compliance period

You are asked to confirm that mobile preschool service will be offered for at least a 4 year period after the vehicle is purchased. This four year period is known as the compliance period, and is a requirement of the grant.

Stakeholder consultation

The applicant is asked to confirm that they have the appropriate permissions to submit the application and that the need to purchase a replacement vehicle has been discussed with any relevant stakeholders and partners.

Assessment criteria: Maintenance of preschool education services

The objective of this grant is to maintain service provision in areas of need and demand.

You will be asked to justify the need for the replacement vehicle, by describing how the vehicle will support continuity of service delivery and why your current vehicle is no longer fit for purpose.

Assessment criteria: Accessibility and inclusion

You are asked to explain how the new vehicle will be used to provide and/or improve the provision of a culturally safe, accessible and inclusive educational setting for equity children (Aboriginal children, children with disability or additional need, and children from low income families).

You should also note whether the project will contribute to the overall inclusion of the Aboriginal community or equity community (e.g. the mobile preschool is an Aboriginal Business, Australian Disability Enterprise or other social enterprise, and/or employs staff from these groups).

Assessment criteria: Overall completeness and quality of the application

Ensure your application does not have any gaps or inconsistencies in information, and that you have included adequate evidence to support your application.

You should only submit an application once you have compiled all necessary information as you will not be able to submit further information after submitting your application, unless instructed by the department.

Assessment criteria: Value for money (Budget)

The department will consider the cost of the vehicle and the benefit of the proposed project to determine value for money.

Applicants should ensure they have clearly demonstrated the benefit of the maintained service to the community, and obtain two competitive quotes within the last six months to substantiate their budget and demonstrate value for money.

Please note all financial figures must be provided excluding GST throughout the application.

Sources of funding

This is a list of the grant amount, the provider contribution, and any other external sources of funding (ex GST).

The Grant amount (mandatory field)

The funds requested from the NSW Government under the Start Strong Capital Works Grant (ex GST).

Provider contribution (mandatory field)

This is your organisation’s contribution to the purchase of the vehicle, and must be at least 5% of the total cost of the vehicle (ex GST).

Other external sources of funding (not mandatory)

This is any funding by parties other than the Start Strong Capital Works Grant and the Preschool applying for the grant (ex GST). It can include other grants from State, Federal or Local Government, donations from private or public organisations or in-kind services. In-kind services should be quantified as worth $0; for all other contribution types the amount contributed must be specified.

It is not mandatory to have other external sources of funding.

Sources of Funding table

The table provided below is an example with fictitious information. In this example, the funding sources breakdown is:

  • The total cost of the vehicle is 66,000 ex GST.
  • Your requested Start Strong Mobile Capital grant amount is $62,000 ex GST.
  • The provider contribution is $4,000 ex GST.
  • There is one other external source of funding:
    • In-kind services from ABC Toyota which are always valued at $0.
  • The total sources of income adds up to $66,000 ex GST.
Sources of Funding Type $ Amount (ex GST) Is your source confirmed?

First two rows are compulsory

List the source type below and any requested details

All amounts excluding GST

At time of form submission

NSW Department of Education

Start Strong Capital Works Mobile Fund grant request



Provider contribution

Preschool funds (must be a minimum of 5% of total project expenditure)



Provider Contribution

Loan from <write name of lending entity here>.

If income source is not applicable, leave this box blank.



In-kind services

Labour for vehicle fit out and modifications, ABC Toyota



Other e.g. another grant program

<Contribution type and name of contributor>.

If income source is not applicable, leave this box blank.



Other e.g. large scale donations

<Contribution type and name of contributor>.

If income source is not applicable, leave this box blank.





Total vehicle expenses

Your total vehicle expense is the total of all relevant expenses for the purchase of the vehicle. You will be asked to provide a detailed list of your vehicle expenses, that clearly demonstrates what sources of funding will be used to pay those expenses.

Total vehicle cost table

The table provided below is an example with fictitious information.

In this example, the total expenditure amount will be the same as the total project income in the Income Table example.

Vehicle Expense Amount ex GST Source of Funding

Vehicle cost


Start Strong Capital Works Mobile Fund grant

Vehicle fit out/modifications


Start Strong Capital Works Mobile Fund grant

Vehicle fit out/modifications


Provider Contribution

Labour for Vehicle fit out/modifications


ABC Toyota



Provider Contribution



Budget totals

The total sources of funding must be equal to the total vehicle expenses.

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