Bushfire Relief Payments - guidelines

Program overview

This program is closed and not open to new applicants.

This document describes the objectives, approach and expectations for Bushfire Relief Payments. There are a number of community preschools and mobile preschools operating in NSW that are affected by bushfire. As a result, one-off payments will be made to affected community preschools and mobile preschools to support services to continue to operate in adverse circumstances associated with bushfire.

Service eligibility criteria

Payments will be made to eligible community preschool and mobile preschool services based on data sourced from the Australia Government. The list of impacted services was assessed as at 30 January 2020.

This is a closed program not open to applications.

Spending rules

One-off payments of $10,000 will be made to eligible community preschool and mobile preschool services. The activities funded under Bushfire Relief payments must commence during the 2019/20 financial year, and all funds must be expended by 31 December 2020.

Services in receipt of Bushfire Relief Payments are required to use this funding for initiatives that support the ongoing provision of a preschool program and the sustainability of the service and assist in maintaining or extending preschool participation.

Services are encouraged to prioritise fee relief for families as an initiative to maintain preschool participation. Funding should not be used where an alternative funding source is available, for instance where insurance payments may cover any physical damage, where other funding programs can be accessed or where other supports to the community are available, such as through the public health system.

Spending rules will apply as outlined below:

  • Initiatives for maintaining preschool participation where bushfire is limiting access such as:
    • fee subsidies for families
    • counselling support or resources for staff and families
    • transport initiatives
  • Initiatives aimed at increasing the sustainability of services affected by bushfire such as:
    • implementing operational changes to service models
    • forming and implementing emergency response plans
    • staff wages and training
  • Service and environmental adjustments in response to the effects of bushfire such as:
    • the purchase of air purifier, water management or other equipment
    • the repair or enhancement of bushfire damaged service environments
    • the purchase of bushfire preparedness equipment or resources


Services must have accepted the Early Childhood Education Funding Terms and Conditions for 2019/2020 to receive payment.

Payment will be made from February 2020. Acquittal of funds will be required following the completion of the 2020 calendar year.

Contact details

To speak to someone about the Bushfire Relief Program, please contact the department's Early Childhood Education Directorate by:

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