Incident Response Plan

The Incident Response Plan (Crash Card) is based on emergency colour codes commonly used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, to prepare, plan, respond to and recover from a range of internal and external emergencies.

The Crash Card can be used as a reference tool for displaying the procedures to be used by staff at your service when responding to emergencies. It is not designed to be a replacement of your service’s detailed emergency plans and procedures, but a quick-reference tool that can be displayed prominently next to your exits as way to help support the staff at your service enact the appropriate emergency procedure.

Notification requirements in the event of an emergency related incident

When an emergency occurs, and especially when emergency services are called to respond, a service should:

  • inform the NSW Regulatory Authority as soon as reasonably practicable, and no later than 24 hours after the incident; and
  • at a reasonable and appropriate time after the incident has occurred, consider asking emergency service/s to participate in a review of the incident response.

Where applicable, a service should specify in their notification the emergency response, such as a full evacuation, they employed to address the risk.

A post-incident review should be undertaken as soon as reasonably practicable after an incident. Post-incident reviews are opportunities for your service to improve its emergency response procedures after reflecting on the incident that took place. The consultation of relevant authorities in that review may offer additional insights into what might be done differently.

Note: The emergency scenarios outlined in the Crash Card would require you to notify the Regulatory Authority in the event that they do occur at your service. Please refer to Resource 1 - ECE - Emergency Planning Resources - Consulting Relevant Authorities for more information on these requirements.

Disclaimer: It is not a Department requirement that you use this resource. While this resource is not a replacement of your detailed Emergency Plans and Procedures relevant to your service, it can be implemented to supplement them. The Crash Card can also be used as a reference when conducting emergency rehearsals.

It is a requirement under Regulation 97(4) of the Education and Care Services National Regulations that you should have your emergency floor plans (evacuation diagram) and procedures displayed prominently at each exit of the premises. If adaptable and relevant to your service, this resource could be displayed as a shortened form of your service’s procedures next to your evacuation diagram.

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