Developing your Service’s Emergency Management Plan and Procedures

The Guide to developing your Emergency Management Plan below aims to assist services with developing and maintaining their emergency management plans. The guide contains important information and step-by-step instructions to completing the Emergency Management Plan template.

This guide and template should be used together as resources to assist you in developing your emergency management plan and procedures relevant to your service. If you choose to use the template, you will need to review the information provided and pre-populated sections and make necessary adjustments to ensure the plan is relevant to your service.

Using the guide and template together will give your service an indication of the levels of planning, assessment and actions required in developing an effective emergency management plan and robust emergency and evacuation procedures for your service.

You are not required to submit your emergency management plan to the Department. It is also not mandatory for services to use the department Emergency Management Plan template, and you may prefer to use your service’s existing templates.

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