Bushfire and Grassfire Readiness Checklist

This checklist lists actions and considerations to prepare your service’s buildings, equipment and surrounds for any bushfire or grassfire. The actions and considerations relate to fire and safety equipment, vegetation management, emergency communications, evacuation/relocation, site access and surrounds, shelter-in-place, flammable substances/materials, and site rubbish.

This checklist can be used as part of your service’s annual bushfire and grassfire preparation. You can use this checklist to assess the readiness of your service’s buildings, equipment and surrounds, and identify any further required action to be taken.

Ensuring your service’s buildings, safety and communications equipment, and surrounds are as bushfire and grassfire ready as possible is critical to reducing the consequences of any bushfire or grassfire risk to children and staff.

Disclaimer: the Bushfire and Grassfire Readiness checklist resource is for reference and should be used as an aid to develop and supplement your education and care service’s existing Emergency plan and procedures. For additional information on bushfire and grassfire readiness, contact your local RFS Fire Control Centre.

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