Emergency and incident management resources

Good emergency and incident management ensures the health and safety of children, families and staff in early education and care services. The information and resources here are designed to assist you to identify, plan, prepare and manage emergencies at your service.


The following information and resources can help your service:

  • improve risk assessments
  • engage relevant stakeholders/authorities
  • understand emergency response plans and evacuation floor plans (evacuation diagrams)
  • clarify staff roles and responsibilities
  • rehearse different emergency responses, including full evacuations, lockdowns and shelter-in-place
  • improve communication before, during and after an emergency.

Note, our resources are intended to enhance rather than replace your existing emergency plans and procedures.


Resource 1 - Consulting Relevant Authorities

Resource 2 - Incident Response Plan (Crash Card)

Resource 3 - Checklist: Emergency and Evacuation Floor Plan

Resource 4 - Emergency and Evacuation Procedure Rehearsals

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