Educator resource packs: COVID-19 challenges

All NSW services have been sent a resource pack to assist educators with some of the COVID-19 related challenges that children may be facing.

Each pack includes two books:

  • Birdie and the Virus by Andrea Baldwin
  • The Circle of Security: Roadmap to Building Supportive Relationships by Robyn Dolby.

This pack is intended to be used as a shared resource amongst your service and has been developed in partnership with Early Childhood Australia and the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health.

Birdie and the Virus

This book is part of the popular Birdie’s Tree series of children’s books. The series is designed for families and educators to help young children process their emotions and concerns after experiencing a natural disaster or other significant events.

Birdie and the Virus follows the main character, Birdie, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Accompanied by colourful illustrations, the book explores changes that happen in the world through the eyes of the Birdie character. This perspective provides age-appropriate talking points for educators and caregivers to use in assisting children to process their feelings and thoughts about the pandemic.

A digital version of the Birdie and the Virus book can be found online, including translations of the book into languages other than English.

The Circle of Security: Roadmap to Building Supportive Relationships

This book introduces the Circle of Security model, and how this can be implemented in education and care environments.

The Circle of Security is a relationship-based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between children and their caregivers. It encourages caregivers to look beyond a child’s immediate behaviour and think about how to meet their holistic relationship needs.

This book provides practical guidance on empathetic communication, building positive relationships with caregivers, and how to enhance opportunities for connections with children.

Order an extra copy for your service

A limited number of extra copies are available of each book. If your service would like to order an extra copy, please complete this form.

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