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Samson and Inez are the eldest of six siblings and are active members in their local Samoan community. Samson enjoys working with younger children and regularly leads Sunday School and volunteers as the assistant coach of his local under 8’s NRL team. Samson is a student at a high school in Western Sydney. He is starting his HSC in 2023 and wants a non-traditional pathway, one that suits his interests. Samson is considering going to university, but it doesn’t feel like the right fit, right now. Samson has watched his sister, Inez, complete her studies with a School-based Traineeship (SbAT) pathway in Early Childhood Education and Care. She lands a job immediately and finds her work so enjoyable and rewarding that she decides to start training for her Diploma in the new year. Following in Inez’s footsteps, Samson chooses to enroll into an SbAT pathway.

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2 years later . . .

Inez is about to complete her Diploma and is working full-time at a long day care which services many of the children from their church community. During her enrolment, Inez applies for an incentive scholarship through the Department of Education. She is successful and the $5,000 she is awarded throughout her studies helps her to buy her own car so that she can get to work. She continues to enjoy the flexibility of her role and has been a wonderful supporter of Samson’s studies. Inez arranges a meeting for Samson and the manager of her day care business, so that Samson can apply for a position at one of the Services operating nearby.

Samson achieves great results in his HSC and is awarded a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. He is still deciding on his next career move and is taking a gap year to work in the sector. Samson can choose to go to university in the future and there are programs designed specifically for SbAT students. Alternatively, he could follow a similar path the Edith and complete his Diploma through the VET sector. Completion of a Diploma will also provide entry to university, and he will be free to study any undergraduate program, not just those related to ECEC.

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Jasmine has worked in retail since leaving school. She loves her career, but the impact of the pandemic has meant she is no longer working as a manager, because the local fashion retailer that employed her closed down, leaving Jasmine without reliable employment. After thinking about her career and her long-term goals, Jasmine decides to reskill in a completely different area. She has always enjoyed working with children and would like to make a positive impact on young people's lives. While a teaching qualification is something she aspires to, Jasmine needs to work while she is studying, so she decides to complete a Certificate III, which will give her the ability to work while she is studying and to progress to higher awards.

Jasmine applies for an incentive scholarship through the Department of Education. This allows her to purchase a new laptop at the commencement of her studies and removes the stress of not having up-to-date technology to support her learning. She is enjoying learning the practical and theoretical aspects of early childhood education and care and is excited to enter the sector.

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1 year later . . .

Jasmine completes her Certificate III and is offered part-time work at her local ECEC Service. She receives the second instalment of her scholarship, which she puts towards supplies for her Diploma qualification. Jasmine plans to work in the sector for six months, before returning to studies to complete the next milestone in her learning journey. She is considering moving into Family Day Care as a long-term career, so that she has more flexibility in her work schedule and because she prefers working with smaller groups of children.

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Amanda is taking a year off from studying after completing her HSC. Although she received an ATAR, she is certain that university is not the pathway for her at this stage in her life. She would like to earn while she learns, so that she can move out of home, gain some independence, and eventually start a life with her partner who is currently a FIFO worker. After considering an apprenticeship, Amanda decides that she is more inspired to educate and mentor children than to work in a trade. A Certificate III in ECEC is the perfect option for her, as she can work in the sector while she is studying, with her daily activities complementing what she is learning in her classes.

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18 months from now . . .

After completing her Certificate III as a part-time student, Amanda enters the ECEC workforce as a room leader. Amanda’s partner, who works in the mining industry, gets a full-time job in central NSW. Amanda is concerned that she will have trouble entering the workforce in such a remote location but, because of her skills in ECEC, Amanda is easily able to find work when she relocates. She loves having a hands-on role that allows her to encourage and inspire the little learners of remote NSW and is now looking at options for career development. In the coming year, she will start her Diploma qualification via online study and, eventually, she hopes to move into a bachelor's degree and to open her own long daycare.

If you see yourself in a new career and are thinking about making a start in your professional career in early childhood, you have a few options.

It is your choice where and when you begin your early childhood career. You could start during your HSC with a School Based Traineeship (SBT), or at another time through a degree or traineeship including the Certificate III in ECEC or Early Childhood Teaching degree. The choice is yours!

Below are some of the options for you and how we can help you to achieve your career goals.

School Based Traineeships

SBT is for you if you would like to complete your Certificate III in ECEC while also doing your HSC.

Fee-Free Qualifications and Training

Fee-free pathways are for you if you would like to complete a fully subsidised Certificate III in ECEC or Diploma in ECEC. Training is fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

Early Childhood Education teaching scholarships

An early childhood degree is for you if you are looking to be an early childhood teacher. The scholarship can support you with study costs.

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