Moving from early childhood education to school

Starting school is a significant event in the life of children and their families and carers. Transition to school enables information sharing between families, early childhood education services and schools.

It is well known that strong relationships and information sharing between families, early childhood services and schools helps support a child's successful transition to school.

When children know what to expect, they are much more likely to feel confident and happy about starting school and this is supported through transition to school programs.

The NSW Transition to School Statement helps school teachers get to know a child before they enter kindergarten.

Completed by early childhood educators and families, the statement notes qualities and abilities, as well as interests and expectations, making it easier for a child’s learning and development progress to be communicated to their new school.

The Transition to School Statement allows early childhood educators and parents to share information about a child’s interests, strengths and preferred ways of learning to provide deeper insights about them and support their transition to school.

To find out which primary schools in your area are participating in Transition to School, please contact your preferred primary schools about their programs. The primary school finder can provide information about primary schools around the state.

For more information, view our Transition to School video.

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