Learning together through COVID-19

Learning together through COVID-19 is a collection of stories showcasing how some schools in NSW continued delivering high-quality education during the remote learning period.

Image: Learning together through COVID-19 is a showcase of innovative remote learning practices

The experience of learning from home makes the Education Week theme ‘Learning together’ particularly relevant this year.

These stories demonstrate how school staff deployed innovative practices to maintain connections with students and smooth the transition from face-to-face teaching to remote learning, all the while ensuring no student was left behind, regardless of their circumstances.

For example, teachers are now better equipped and more confident using technology in teaching, and are collaborating with other teachers more than ever before on class content and teaching practices.

The pressures applied by COVID-19 leveraged the state’s collective education intelligence to overcome the many roadblocks thrown up by remote learning.

Issues that initially appeared as obstacles have turned into stepping stones to both greater collaboration, more creativity among teachers and students, and greater teaching specialisation.

Some of the new practices adopted by schools aimed specifically to ensure every student remained known, valued and cared for during a time of high anxiety for our school communities.

Across the state, students collaborated on tailor-made digital platforms, and communicated with peers and teachers via video conferences. Parents and carers worked with their children and teachers by accessing new ‘Learning from Home’ hubs and attending virtual assemblies; while schools ensured the wellbeing of their students with a range of solutions including Wellbeing Wednesdays, Mindful Mondays, and by reaching out to global experts for guidance about how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Many of the new practices introduced by schools during the remote learning period are still in place now that students have returned to school, and some can be scaled up to further support our students.

Download the full collection of stories below or click through the links on the left to read more about what specific schools did to support learning during COVID-19.

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