Showcasing highly effective, innovative practice

At the NSW Department of Education, we want to hear from schools about their innovative practices during COVID-19 to share and showcase during Education Week.

Key learnings from COVID-19

If there’s a positive to the COVID-19 experience for the teaching profession, it’s that we have successfully conceived and implemented innovative approaches to education. The department’s COVID-19 Taskforce is currently looking for examples of innovative practice across the NSW education sector that could help shape the delivery of education well into the future.

What we’re looking for

Over the past few months, educators have had to think creatively to maintain continuity of learning during the midst of a pandemic. Learning from home presented a unique set of challenges for schools, as did the managed return to school. But schools have done some amazing things to ensure students didn’t miss out, and we want to hear about them.

Specifically, we’re looking for compelling examples of:

  • new teaching practices which significantly improved learning outcomes for students
  • student-led initiatives which had great learning outcomes
  • initiatives to support equitable access to high-quality education throughout COVID-19
  • students who thrived in the different learning environments, and how that’s been maintained with the return to face to face learning
  • partnerships between families and schools that supported improved learning outcomes for students.

Making your submission

We are accepting submissions through an online form until Wednesday 15 July 2020. When preparing your submission, you should consider such things as what makes your initiative unique, how it benefited your students, and what evidence you have for its success. The COVID-19 Taskforce will review all submissions with the aim of developing a collection of cross-sector case studies to inform and inspire ongoing practice in schools.

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