Vaccination requirements for school sites

Anyone working on a NSW school or early education and care site must be fully vaccinated to help protect the health and safety of staff and students.

Updated 11:30 am 15 October 2021

School staff can access more information on Vaccinations general information (staff only).

Vaccination requirements in all schools from 8 November

Under the NSW Public Health Orders (PHO) (PDF 216KB), all people working at a school or early education and care facility must be fully vaccinated by 8 November 2021. According to the PHO, relevant work includes:

  • any work undertaken at a government school or non-government school (this includes work by teachers, support staff, corporate employees, contractors, volunteers and students on student placement)

  • any work at an early education and care facility (this includes work by employees, contractors, volunteers and students on student placement). This covers centre-based child care facilities, family day care and school-based child care (after-school or vacation care)

  • providing disability support services to a child with a disability at a school or early education and care facility where the person is required to hold a WWCC. This includes disability support services provided under the Assisted School Travel Program, even where part of the service occurs away from school sites

  • NESA authorised officers undertaking activities in relation to home schooling

  • NESA staff working at HSC exam sites.

Work includes:

  • work done under a contract of service or a contract for service

  • work done as a volunteer or for a charitable organisation

  • work done by a student on student placement

  • work done temporarily, including while acting in or filling an office or other role because of a vacancy or absence.

Vaccination requirements do not apply to an education or care worker who carries out relevant work in an emergency. For example, an emergency includes paramedics responding to a medical emergency, firefighters responding to a fire or gas leak, and workers responding to a sewerage leak.

Vaccination requirements in Level 3 plus schools from 18 October

From 18 October all department employees, volunteers and students on professional experience placements required to support the staged return to school (Level 3 plus) need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or hold a valid medical contraindication certificate.

Non-department workers (who are not volunteers), such as those working in out of school hours care, canteens and uniform shops, must be vaccinated by 8 November.

Proving vaccination status

When attending a school or early education and care site, you will need to attest that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You will then be asked by a responsible person (such as the principal) to show evidence of vaccination.

Evidence of vaccination includes:

You will not be allowed onto a school or early education and care site without showing evidence of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Student vaccinations

Vaccinations are not mandatory for students. However, anyone eligible (currently anyone aged 12 and over) is encouraged to get vaccinated.

If a vaccination program is implemented for students in NSW public schools, informed consent will be sought from the child’s parents or carers before any vaccine is administered.

For information about vaccine consent for parents and guardians, refer to NSW Health’s Consent for COVID-19 vaccination factsheet (PDF 196 KB).

Get your COVID-19 vaccination

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccination in NSW, including booking an appointment and vaccine safety.

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