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About School Check-in

The Department of Education, in partnership with Service NSW, developed a free digital visitor registration tool that makes signing in at schools quick and easy.

School Check-in provides a seamless and secure digital sign-in experience for visitors to schools including parents, carers, contractors and service providers. It helps keep schools safe and also supports NSW Health’s COVID-19 contact tracing.

School Check-in is a digital solution that will simplify the sign-in experience for visitors and provide a streamlined, accurate and secure visitor record system for schools.

School Check-in makes compliance with safety obligations easier and reduces the need for schools to maintain multiple, paper-based sign-in processes.

Schools will receive a unique QR code for display in their front office/administration building.

Visitors and contractors can use their smartphone or QR code reader to scan the QR code when entering the premises. They will then be prompted to check in using the School Check-in tool in the Service NSW app, or via an online webform if they don’t have the Service NSW app.

The check-in captures their contact details, the reason for their visit, and the date, time and location. Once a visitor has checked in, a record of their visit will appear on the School Check-in Logbook, available to designated school staff administration officers.

Visitor details are held securely for compliance and contact tracing purposes only.

Who needs to check in?

All visitors to a school site, including parents, carers, contractors, service providers and volunteers who enter the school for a specific purpose are required to check in. There are a few exceptions, which are detailed below.

No, parents dropping off their children are not deemed as visitors to a school. Parents who stay within the school grounds for longer than the usual time it takes to drop off or collect their child in line with school procedures will need to check in.

Not generally. Couriers are not deemed as visitors to a school if they are dropping off an item in the front office or reception area. If they are required to enter another part of the school for any purpose (for example, delivering a larger item to an assembly area), then they will need to check in.

No. Only visitors, contractors and service providers are required to use School Check-in when entering a school site.

No. Schools should keep records of casual teachers on site in accordance with the Finance in Schools Handbook.

Yes. School staff will display the QR code in a window or accessible location near the front/office reception areas for visitors and contractors to check in after hours. 

School Check-in for visitors

  1. Visitors scan the School Check-in QR code with their phone camera or a QR code reader.
  2. The smartphone reads the QR code and:
    • If the Service NSW app is already installed on their phone, this app will open and prompt the visitor to confirm their contact details via the School Check-in tool.
    • If the Service NSW app is not installed on their phone, the visitor will be directed to a webpage where they will be able to check in using the School Check-in webform.

See scenarios 1 and 2 in the school visitor user scenarios (PDF 1.6 MB) for a step-by-step overview of these processes.

Visitors who don’t have a smartphone or a smartphone that has an internet connection, can be checked in using the School Check-in concierge webform which should be available on a device in the front office or reception area.

The School Check-in webform is an online form that can be displayed on a digital device, such as a laptop or tablet. Staff may wish to assist visitors and contractors in filling in the webform if they are unsure what to do.

Schools will be provided with a unique URL for their School Check-in webform. It is recommended that you save the unique URL as a ‘Favourite’, or bookmark it in your web browser so you can bring up the concierge webform quickly and easily when it is required.

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers are recommended when accessing the School Check-in webform.

See scenario 3 in the school visitor user scenarios (PDF 1.6 MB) for a step-by-step overview of the process.

School administrative staff members may wish to sight the visitor’s smartphone screen to verify that they have checked in. This is not a requirement, but school staff may wish to double-check as the system is new. If a person has checked in correctly a confirmation screen will show a green tick (see Step 7 of scenario 1 in the visitor user experience scenario) with your school’s name and a snapshot of the visitor’s details.

Visitors will not be able to enter the school site if they do not wish to register their attendance at the school site using either the Service NSW app or the webform.

About the School Check-in Logbook

The School Check-in Logbook (the Logbook) is an application available on the department's digital devices. The Logbook will contain records of all check-ins made using the School Check-in tool. It is a digital version of the physical sign-in sheet.

Staff with access to the Logbook can use it to search for persons who visit school sites. Staff will also be able to use the system to check out visitors and contractors after they have returned their visitor identification pass.

No. The School Check-in system is only for school visitors. Principals must ensure that the school maintains its usual attendance registers for students and sign-in sheets for staff. 

School Check-in Logbook for staff

Designated school administrative staff and principals can log in using their DoE credentials (staff username and password). This is the same as other DoE based applications. See providing school staff with access (DOCX 469 KB) for more information.


Only principals can access the logbook by default. Principals can delegate this access to the School Administration Manager via Managed Staff Access. This means they are the only staff members that can approve requests for general user access to the Logbook.

Principals can follow the Manage Staff Access user guide (DOCX 2.8 MB) for step-by-step instructions on how to add and remove delegates to the logbook.

Principals and School Administration Managers should only give general user access to administration staff that will regularly interact with visitors and contractors in the front office/administration area e.g. reception officer, school administrative officer, business manager, school executive staff.

The visitor’s check-in record should appear in the Logbook within a few seconds of the check-in occurring.

Yes. School administrative staff will be able to access the Logbook on their work phone in the same way as they access other DoE applications.

Visitor identification passes and checking out

School administration staff should issue a visitor identification pass to visitors once they have checked in. Visitors, including parents and carers, contractors and service providers, will be required to return the pass to the office before they leave.

Passes should be given to all visitors and contractors that check in during school hours. Staff should remind visitors and contractors to return the visitor identification pass before they leave the school. At this point, staff can check out the visitor on the Logbook.

The School Check-in Logbook will automatically check out visitors out at 11.59pm each day. This will mostly apply to contractors who stay longer than business hours.

Schools will need to arrange a safe place for visitors and contractors to return their passes at the end of their visit if their work requires them to be onsite after hours.

A visitor or contractor will be checked out by school administration staff when they return their visitor identification pass to the front office/administration area. School staff can check out the visitor on the School Check-in Logbook at this point.

System integration

During the pilot, School Check-In will be tested as an alternative to third party sign-in systems (e.g Passtab, Millenium, Pitney Bowes). These systems will need to be turned off and removed from school sign-in areas.

Visitor data and privacy

In order to maintain an accurate visitor log, all sign-in information (contact details, visitor type, check-in time, date and location, reason for visit) captured by School Check-in and accessed through the School Check-in Logbook will be stored by the NSW Department of Education on a secure database. This information will be kept for 7 years in line with record-keeping requirements. Toward the end of the 7 year period, the records will be identified for destruction, after which the Department of Education will review the records before making a decision to destroy them at the 7-year mark. This process is consistent with the Department of Education’s records management procedures.

Some sign-in information (contact details, check-in time, date and location) will also be captured and stored on a secure NSW Government database for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes. This information can only be accessed by authorised personnel in Service NSW and NSW Health and will only be used by NSW Health for the sole purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing.

The sign-in information stored for COVID-19 contact tracing will be retained for 28 days on the NSW Government database, after which time it will be destroyed. However, any sign-in information that is used by NSW Health for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes may be retained for more than 28 days in accordance with the relevant Public Health Orders.

Only the principal, designated staff with access and a limited number of School Infrastructure NSW staff will have access to the School Check-in Logbook for each school.

Service NSW and other external bodies do not have access to the Logbook.

Access to the visitor contact details (name and phone number) that are captured and stored on the NSW Government database for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes, is restricted to authorised personnel in Service NSW and NSW Health only.

NSW Government regulatory bodies are also able to view the total number of COVID Safe Check-ins for any registered COVID Safe venue. Regulatory bodies do not have access to visitor contact details.

Record-keeping requirements

Yes, but only after the first week of the pilot. To ensure school safety, we need to ensure that visitor data is being recorded on the School Check-in Logbook in near to real-time and in real-life school conditions before we can remove the physical sign-in sheet.

One of the main drivers in introducing School Check-in is to replace all physical sign-in forms including the physical visitor logbook.

Note: Schools must always have a backup physical logbook or sign-in sheet (PDF 112 KB) available in the event of a system outage. It is recommended that schools print several sheets to be stored in a convenient location. 

If there is a system outage that prevents visitors from checking in using the Service NSW app and webform, then the school should use the physical sign-in sheet (PDF 112 KB).


Evacuations are supported by the School Check-in system. In the event of an evacuation at the school, designated school staff can log into the School Check-in Logbook on their mobile device or another designated device (like a tablet). Once gathered at the muster point, the staff member will have access to a log of visitors that have attended the school that day. Staff or emergency personnel can then verify whether that person has evacuated the site.

COVID-19 case notification

Please refer to the department’s response protocols for COVID-19 cases.

People will be notified by NSW Health if a school they have checked in to is identified as having had a positive COVID-19 case attend and advised of what they should do next.



No, the School Check-In is a free tool for NSW schools. The Service NSW app is also free for visitors.

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