Preschool Orientation 2020-21

Preschools can resume orientation programs following the guidance bellow:


  • One 20 minute information session can be offered to incoming children. Each child can be accompanied by one family member.
  • The number of families requiring orientation visits will determine each individual preschool’s program.
  • Ensure that parents sign the visitor acknowledgement form (PDF 183KB).

Who should be there and how long?

  • Only children who are enrolled to start preschool in 2021, and one family member are allowed in the space allocated for the visit to occur. Visits can be staggered to limit the number of people on site and prevent crowding.
  • Learning and support teachers, early intervention teachers and/or transition support teachers may be on hand to support with risk minimisation plans, and/or liaison with relevant situations such as disability.
  • Extra staff may be needed to support the orientation program to enable indoor and outdoor environments to be used with appropriate physical distancing.

What could an orientation visit look like?

  • The preschool teacher will show the child and family members the different spaces within the preschool environment. The child and family members will be shown where personal belongings can be left on arrival as well as procedures, such as sign in and out, that are best demonstrated face to face. They will discuss such things as health care plans, communication plans, and sleep and rest requirements and request any documentation that has not yet been received.
  • All virtual procedures should stay in place, to complement any on-site visits that occur. Ensure all students attending the orientation have a completed enrolment form, which has been reviewed by the school.

What about children who may need extra support?

  • Principals may provide specific exemptions for children with additional learning needs, allowing time to meet with the child and family, and include the relevant staff and/or key personnel.

Other considerations

  • When planning for children's attendance in 2021 consider a staggered start so all families and children are not arriving at the same time on the day.
  • In implementing a staggered start consider the impact on Universal Access for children and the final numbers for the enrolment census due early in Term 1.
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