Media and production crew access to schools

The following guidelines are in response to current COVID-19 restrictions during Term 4, 2021.

Published 17 November 2021

Guidelines for media

  • It is encouraged that media interviews continue to be conducted remotely where possible, including via Zoom/Teams or other platforms, or by telephone.
  • Requests for photographs/vision will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the department’s media unit in consultation with the school principal. Where approved, no more than three people from a media crew are to be on school grounds at any time and they must adhere to physical distancing guidelines, any additional requirements of the school, as well as the media crew’s own COVID-Safe plans.
  • All attending media crew must be fully vaccinated or hold a valid medical exemption. They will be required to check in using the school visitor system and allow schools to see evidence of their vaccination status
  • Where possible, filming and photography is to take place outside of school grounds.
  • Where filming occurs on school grounds, it is preferred that filming takes place in an outdoor space. If filming occurs within an inside space (e.g. a classroom or school hall) then only one member of the crew can enter that space.
  • During school hours, only one media outlet is permitted on school grounds at one time.
  • If multiple outlets are to be at a school at once, this must be done outside of school hours, in an outdoor area. COVID-19 safety plan arrangements to be in place for these events.
  • Media activities can continue to be arranged outside the school gate in accordance with current COVID-19 guidelines.

Guidelines for production crews

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there are strict rules in place for third party filming on school grounds, including:

  • Filming to take place outside of school hours and on non-school days (weekends, public holidays and school holidays) only.
  • Production companies are required to clean the site before bump in and after bump out. This is consistent with Screen Australia’s COVID safe filming guidelines. This is the responsibility of the production company. Any non-compliance with this will be reported to Screen NSW and production will not be allowed back onsite to continue their filming.
  • Productions must complete the Community use acknowledgement form (PDF 189.5 KB) and provide it to the school before filming.
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