Learning resources for parents and carers

The best learning environment for our students is in the classroom.

Students are expected to attend school from their designated return to school dates. All students should be at school for face-to-face learning unless:

  • they are currently unwell or have even the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms,
  • they have a medical certificate which says they can’t return to school due to a condition or illness including household members, or
  • they are required to self-isolate following NSW Health advice.

Students who are unable to return to face-to-face learning for these reasons will be supported by their school to temporarily learn from home until they are able to return to face-to-face learning. Please discuss this with your school principal.

All students are required to regularly attend school in accordance with the School Attendance Policy and if any student is absent for more than three days without a medical certificate, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence and must be followed up by the school.

No other support for learning from home will be available from schools or the NSW Department of Education. NSW Education Standards (NESA) administrates home schooling for parents or carers who choose not to send their child to school.

The following existing learning resources have been centrally collated for schools to share with parents and carers who are teaching their child/ren at home without the required medical exemption.

Resources for both primary and secondary

Everyday Maths Hub for Kindy to Year 10 - is an An engaging and dynamic online platform for parents and carers of children in Kindy through to Year 10 aims to support and encourage family conversations about the relevance and usefulness of mathematics in everyday life.

The Environmental and Zoo Education Centre network (EZEC) has created virtual resources for Kindy to Year 12 students across a host of different subjects, including science, geography and wellbeing.

Digital Learning Opportunities is a catalogue of a variety of virtual excursions, tours and digital learning resources available to teachers and students. Filter the catalogue to refine your results. Includes Art Gallery of NSW, Australian Maritime Museum, Australian War Memorial, Australian Parliament House.

Education Live is a series of live/recorded broadcasts of celebrities.

DART Learning is a service provided by the NSW Department of Education. Our website allows teachers, parents and students to find incredible Live, By Request, or On Demand learning experiences offered by museums, galleries, research institutes, scientists, writers, athletes, artists, educational organisations, musicians, zoos and many more.

ABC Education resources are learning activities aligned to NSW syllabuses for use before, during and after viewing episodes on iView. Episodes are organised by key learning area and activities. Each document contains links to the relevant series. Dates and times reflect the 2020 broadcast schedule. All episodes can be accessed through ABC iView and available in three groups of school years:

Secondary school resources

The HSC Student hub will connect you to study guides, video lessons and practice exams, including tips from expert teachers and HSC markers.

The Secondary digital learning packs are timetabled activities for students in Years 7-10. Parents and carers can work through them with their child and when instructed by their school.

Primary school resources

The Primary digital learning packs are timetabled activities for primary students. Parents and carers can work through them with their child and when instructed by their school.

CyberMarvel - Parents can download weekly lessons to provide online safety learning for years K-6. These are short focused activities that students can complete each day using materials available at home. Some online activities are also included.

Early childhood resources

The Early dhildhood digital learning packs are timetabled activities for early childhood students. Parents and carers can work through them with their child and when instructed by their school.


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