About Summer Skills

Summer Skills is an initiative of NSW JobTrainer. It offers 2020 Year 12 school leavers the opportunity to upskill, prepare and get ahead through fee-free training courses in construction, coding, business, horticulture, social media, mental health and more.

What is the initiative?

It is a range of short term skills courses. It provides school leavers with fee-free skills training over this summer period and across 2021 to learn new skills quickly and about what interests them.

The courses for school leavers are funded via NSW JobTrainer, the joint Fund established between the Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments.

Why are we doing this?

COVID-19 has brought challenges for our 2020 cohort of Year 12 school leavers in particular, leaving some less certain of their future as circumstances have changed around them.

We need to provide opportunities that help 2020 Year 12 school leavers to find their feet through these challenging, unique and uncertain times.

The labour market is more competitive in a COVID-19 world. The fee-free training courses can help Year 12 school leavers get ahead and learn new skills that can lead to a part time job or a future career.

Training is fee-free to help make skills opportunities accessible for all Year 12 school leavers, regardless of circumstance or location.

Why is this fee-free training useful for 2020 Year 12 school leavers?

This fee-free training offers multiple benefits for school leavers such as:

  • allowing them to gain skills that can be used to help bridge the gap from school to work
  • helping find what interests them or learn a new skill
  • giving them a head start on their journey after school and their employment by upskilling through short courses and training opportunities.

What training courses are on offer?

We are offering a number of courses that cater to different interests, lifestyles and locations. These include:

  • 2020/2021 summer period courses: Some shorter courses are only available over the summer period of 2020/2021 part of the  ’Summer Skills – School Leavers 2020'.
  • 2021 period: Other courses will be available throughout 2021..
  • Region-specific: Some training will be region specific, creating skilling up opportunities for Year 12 school leavers, relevant to those specific areas of NSW, assisting school leavers in finding work and also supporting local industry/employer needs.

Over 20 short courses are currently available and cover a range of industries. Courses include landscaping, mental health support, coding and digital literacy, plumbing and draining, and business skills.

Training will be region-specific and dependant on registered interest from school leavers.

For Summer Skills training, it will be short courses (part qualifications) only. Some will be specifically available over the summer period, and some will be available throughout 2021.

Where is training available?

A mix of training opportunities are available across NSW.

Some training will be region specific, creating skilling up opportunities relevant to those specific areas of NSW, assisting school leavers in finding work and also supporting local industry and employer needs

The department is currently working with Training Services NSW’s regional centres to establish which courses will be available where and when, and Adult and Community Education (ACE) colleges (focused on disadvantaged students) and Group Training Organisations (GTOs) to pilot approaches to specific cohorts.

Summer Skills

Year 12 school leavers can upskill, learn and get ahead this summer with fee-free Summer Skills training courses launched by the NSW Government.

Here to help

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