Transcript of the 'Digital Maturity Planner' video


This is a transcript of the 'Digital Maturity Planner' video.


Digital Maturity is a school’s ability to take advantage of technology as it develops.

The Digital Maturity Planner is a tool designed to help schools assess and benchmark their digital maturity and plan a path to digital best practice.

By connecting to the department’s data warehouse, this tool surfaces existing data about each school. The school leadership team can review their school’s data and provide further details through a comprehensive survey. 

Once the survey is completed, the school is given their digital maturity level for each of the domains of the Schools Excellence Framework: Learning, Teaching and Leading.

Based on these digital maturity levels, the school leadership team is presented with a list of priorities, each with allocated professional learning resources attached. These priorities offer guidance on what areas the school should focus on, to reach the next level of digital maturity.

The school leadership team can select the priorities that are most relevant for their school to include in their plan.

The planner displays the selected priorities against a timeline. The school leadership team can customise this planner, and allocate resources to the term, or terms, that best suit the needs of their school.

Custom rows can be added by the school leadership team, to plan and track school specific initiatives, with attached activities, resources, milestones, or objectives. 

From this a Digital Action Plan can be created. This Digital Action Plan can be downloaded for distribution with the school staff and can also be uploaded as evidence for the school plan in SPaRO.

A Digital Support Team member from the Rural Access Gap program will help fine tune and validate the plan and will assist the school to improve their digital maturity over the coming year and beyond.

Bridging the Rural Access Gap – accelerating digital equity in schools across the state.

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