Transcript of the 'SDS DCO introduction' video


This is the transcript of the 'SDS DCO introduction' video.

Ryan, DST member:

Hi, I'm Ryan, one of the teachers from the Digital Support Team. I'm here today at the beautiful Wallerawang Public School to start my work with Jenny the principal and mentoring Beverley, the Digital Classroom Officer.

Let's hear what Jenny has to say about the Schools Digital Strategy.

Jenny Lamborn, Principal:

I'm Jenny Lamborn. I'm the Principal of Wallerawang Public School. Digital at Wallerawang Public School over the last couple of years we've actually introduced technology across all the classrooms and actually embedded it into our school planning process.

So through the digital strategy we completed the Digital Maturity Planner and we were able to actually identify our areas of strength in terms of the school planning process and look at what we needed to do in terms of working towards those excelling statements.

So in terms of what is occurring within the digital strategy and the support that we're going to receive and the technology that we will receive that will continue to actually build technology across the school. And it will also support what's happening in terms of teaching, learning, and leadership within Wallerawang Public School.

Beverley Nancarrow, DCO:

I see digital technology as crucial to prepare our students for the future, not only do they need the skills but they need to have that independence so that they can use what they already know with their technology level and then take themselves to the next step. So that they can have those abilities to advance themselves and we've been really trying to implement that here at the school.

But with the Rural Access Gap coming in, we're super excited to just increase the number of devices that we have to just expand that in greater ways and improve the students’ learning.

Jenny Lamborn, Principal:

So the Digital Classroom Officer role will continue to support the school in terms of what we're doing. It will continue the person and the program will continue to support us in terms of our school planning and in terms of our new school planning cycle. So what we've been able to actually do in terms of planning for that is embed that role into our school planning in terms of the resource allocation and what that actually looks like in terms of teaching, leading and learning.

Beverley Nancarrow, DCO:

We're very excited here at the school about the Digital Classroom Officer role because I've had the support of the principal and executive here. The Digital Classroom Officer role will just open up so much more and time to really help train and support the teachers more so it won't just be about infrastructure.

I'm looking forward to the actual implementation and the improvement of technology use right across the school.

Ryan, DST member:

So I'm super excited to start the journey with Wallerawang Public School, help Beverley and Jenny uplift the technology within their school and really work on their ability to utilise that technology effectively in their classrooms.

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