Transcript of the 'Becoming a DCO' video


This is the transcript of the 'Becoming a DCO' video.

Lincoln McBroom:

As a Digital Classroom Officer, my role is to support teachers in embedding STEM and IT resources authentically within curriculum areas as well as to support them in relation to workflow and working efficiently, working well collaborating as teams to improve learning in a school environment.

Penelope Zell:

I really see it as though you're like the middle man between the department and all this amazing tech knowledge and resources and the school.

Amy Brown:

I'd describe the role as finding and implementing the technology needs of the school and staff helping up-skill staff to feel comfortable to use it within the classroom and within their general programming and planning.

Tim Cassell:

You don't need to be someone who is okay with all components of ICT and digital technologies. You just need to be willing to play with it and trial it yourself and therefore coach other people from what you've learned.

Hailee Fidock:

It's a very diverse role, so it's from rolling out technology devices to giving support in the classroom, as well as running quick bite sessions in the morning.

Scott Sampson:

My role as a Digital Classroom Officer has been one of guidance with a lot of staff.

Jacob Sandry:

The buy-in that I've had from some teachers has been a really big success. Teachers are coming to me now and going "oh I did this and it worked really well!" and then "Oh that's great, what can we do next, and how can we use that somewhere else" so that's been really good.

Beverley Nancarrow:

The Digital Classroom Officer role will just open up so much more, and time to really help train and support the teachers more so it won't just be about infrastructure.

I'm looking forward to the actual implementation and the improvement of technology use right across the school.

Hailee Fidock:

I think one of the best pieces of advice I could give to somebody who's taking on this role is that you're not expected to be an expert, you are learning.

You're on this learning journey with your staff.

Penelope Zell:

For someone that was taking on this role in another school, I would strongly encourage them to learn as much as they can like take advantage of what's on offer.

There are all these amazing resources and the mentorship and no one makes you feel dumb which is really wonderful, and really use that DCO time to learn how to make the technology learning authentic in the classroom.

Lincoln McBroom:

My advice for any DCO coming into this role in future is go for it. Jump in the deep end, be scared of nothing because there's heaps of support from mentors, the network of DCOs, the resourcing is there in regards to curriculum and project planning. The T4L library is vast and there are lots of great people who are happy to get on board and help you.

You don't need to have a high-end skill level in IT or STEM to do a DCO role well.

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