Students will be prepared for work in the future with enhanced digital literacy and critical collaboration, and team-based problem-solving skills. Their education will be personalised and flexible - wherever they are.




Time and focus on students will grow as teachers are freed of manual administration. Customised professional development, access to quality digital tools, and greater visibility of student development will mean a better teaching experience.



Parents and carers

Parents and carers will be more connected to their child's learning experience through improved data and transparency via the digital channel of their choice. Interaction with their school will be seamless and immediate.



School leadership and management

School leaders will be empowered to determine their school's digital direction. Data-based insights will drive effective decision-making while automated school management allows more time to support teachers and students.



School support staff

Support staff will be able to dedicate more time assisting school leaders, teachers, students and parents as manual and low-value tasks are automated.