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Voice of schools Mount Ousley Public School


Mount Ousley Public School, or MOPS as we like to call it, innovates with ICT to maximize learning for all students, enable truly innovative teaching and nurture positive relationships beyond the school.

Every student from kindergarten to year 6 brings their very own personal connecting device.

The school has maintained its status as an Apple distinguished school since 2011. All teaching staff are certified Apple teachers and our principal and assistant principals are Apple distinguished educators.

MOPS doesn't just do a one-to-one device program, we excel at it.

Devices are used to empower student directed, student regulated, enquiry learning. We create loads of content as well as using our devices to research, connect, share, and collaborate.

There's strong evidence this is improving our learning. For example, a significant improvement in our maths performance since the whole school one-to-one device rollout.

Technology use pushes classroom boundaries, with students often choosing to use devices in hallways and various outdoor learning areas.

This is totally normal at MOPS and we couldn't imagine life at school any other way.

STEM learning is enhanced with robotics hardware such as EV3 and WeDo, along with coding opportunities using Swift playground, Spheros, drones, and

This year we got to partner with the University of Wollongong and engage in virtual reality research as well as create spare parts for our rocketry challenge using a 3d printer.

In literacy and numeracy, students choose 'Explain Everything', or 'Book Creator', to demonstrate deep learning, while others create keynotes iMovies and even iBooks which are published in iTunes for the world to see.

Learning is personalised and therefore more relevant. Blue screen studios enable video creation use in multimedia presentations. and iconography kits enhance the quality of our work.

At MOPS, teaching and learning doesn't look like it used to. We choose to learn and present in ways that suit us as individuals.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to learning tasks or assessments. Teachers use Twitter, Seesaw, and 'Schoolbag' for everyday communication with parents, while students have connected with astronauts on the International Space Station and schools around the world.

Google Classroom has revolutionised the way teachers manage students' work. and it's really easy for us to now share and collaborate.

All students have researched global empathy based projects and developed and communicated action plans to support others in meaningful ways.

MOPS students regularly visit a local aspect school for children with autism and collaboratively build Minecraft projects to assist in developing communication skills.

MOPS does the most amazing things with ICT and we're proud of our school for always pushing technological boundaries and making education fun and relevant.

The teachers even published a book about what we all do. It tells our story.

I'm Max and I'm Bridget and Mount Ousley is a small school where big things happen.

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