Teacher collaboration made easier online

Discover how teachers from Ulladulla High School, Figtree High School, and Cardiff North Public School use technology to improve teacher collaboration and prepare their students for the future. 

Ulladulla teacher, Anita Barry, said: "As a rural school, technology makes it easier for students and staff to access information that is not restricted by location”.

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Getting students ready for the future

Made by relieving principal Matt Watt, this video showcases how students at Terara Public School use technology every day. 

Student Mia says: "We use technology to connect, engage and get ready for the future. We might have been built in the 19th century, but at Terara we teach for the 21st!"

Read the transcript of 'Voice of students - Terara Public School'.


Staying connected to school with digital

Digital has made a life-changing impact on Athan's life. By using a telepresence robot, Athan is able to dial-in to school on a daily basis.

His mum Serena says:  "When Athan wakes in the morning, he wakes with a purpose."

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Empowering students to learn and connect

Mount Ousley Public School doesn't just have a one-to-one device program, they excel at using digital in their teaching and learning. The students use it to create lots of content as well as for research, to connect, share, and collaborate.

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Parents and support staff shape online enrolment

The Online Enrolment Project is a collaboration between the Department of Education and the Department of Customer Service.

Once rolled out, this tool will significantly reduce data entry for parents and school admin staff. 

More information about participating schools can be found on the enrolment pages of this website.

Read the transcript of the 'Online Enrolment Project' video.


Students go beyond the classroom

Discover how having access to technology is really important for the students at Elderslie Public School as it supports student voice and help them share their learnings on a global scale. 

They also have a student led tech ministry, responsible for regularly leading 'Tecky Breakies' and technology staff meetings.

Read the transcript of 'Voice of schools - Elderslie Public School' video.