Chef for the night

Hand over the evening meal to your child and get them to choose a recipe that they want to cook.  To increase the mathematical challenge, get them to make a different number of servings than the recipe calls for. They'll have to do some calculations and work out the portions.

45 minutes


18 May 2022

Things you need

  • A recipe that doesn't quite match up with how many people you're feeding
  • Recipe's ingredients

The challenge

Help your teen gather the ingredients they'll need for the recipe they want to cook and supervise any dangerous parts of the cooking.


The conversation

Throughout their MasterChef moment, ask your teen these questions to support their understanding of the mathematics involved:

  • "How much of each ingredient do you need, and how did you think through that?"
  • "What is the best way to measure how much milk (for example) you need?"
  • "How would you have worked this out if we only needed to make one-and-a-half times the normal recipe?"
  • "If I help keep the kitchen tidy as you are cooking, would that be helpful?"
  • "Imagine we had to make this recipe for 100 people. How much flour would we need?"

The career

Chefs, tradies, scientists, doctors and warehouse managers all have to be able to work with problems involving volume and capacity. 

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