General construction – plumbing, electrical and services


Learn skills for the building and construction industry. These skills can be used in new construction, renovations of existing buildings, and demolition/asbestos removal for alterations of existing buildings.

Some occupations in the construction industry include electrician, carpenter, plumber, builder and, site managers. Most of these occupations require students to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Training can also support occupations in the supply chain including engineering, manufacturing, transport and logistics.

Some full qualifications include an apprenticeship or traineeship which can provide students with a great pathway to their chosen career.

Full qualification

A full list of the Smart and Skilled qualification prices, student fees and subsidies is available on the Training Services NSW website. Please note, only the qualifications that have an ‘S’ against them are applicable under this program. Courses and provider details are available on the Smart and Skilled website.

Some examples of full qualifications are below:

Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying

Certificate III in Carpentry

Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery

Certificate III in Concreting

Certificate II in Construction

Certificate II in Construction Pathways

Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing

Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)

Diploma of Building Design

Certificate III in Demolition

Certificate IV in Demolition

Certificate III in Formwork/Falsework

Certificate III in Painting and Decorating

Certificate III in Plumbing

Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services

Certificate III in Rigging

Certificate III in Roof Plumbing

Certificate III in Scaffolding

Certificate III in Shopfitting

Certificate III in Signs and Graphics

Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining

Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling

Part qualification

Part qualifications (short courses) are also available which offer potential learners a Statement of Attainment or a nationally accredited skill set or skills group, which they can then use as credit towards a full qualification.

Short courses include:

  • technical training, e.g. laser levelling, understanding Australian Standards for Construction and Project Management
  • high risk training, e.g. licence for operating a forklift truck, asbestos removal, demolition, rigging and dogging
  • entry level or pre-employment training in construction, e.g. maintaining/using power tools, shifting materials safely using manual handling methods and movinge materials mechanically
  • entry level or pre-employment training in the construction supply chain, e.g. using fabrication equipment, usinge electric welding machines, usinge hand/power tools and cutting/welding/bending materials.

Further information

Search on the DoE website for a complete listing of NSW JobTrainer part qualifications in construction.

"During my apprenticeship I have gained a wide range of plumbing skills. I would strongly recommend any person willing to undertake an apprenticeship to be open minded and grab the opportunity with both hands and run with it."

 Donald Dundas - 2017 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

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Long term

Get qualifications to join a booming industry.

Job satisfaction

See the tangible results of your work.

Earning potential

Qualified workers can command salaries of up to $70K.

Potential careers

Builder, Carpenter, Plumber, Glazier, Electrician, Plasterer, Rigger.