Language, culture and communities

The Language, Culture and Communities team supports the development and coordination of programs in the areas of Aboriginal languages and culture.

Aboriginal language programs in schools

The NSW Department of Education is committed to increasing the teaching of Aboriginal languages in NSW public schools and provides advice, guidance and resources to schools to implement an Aboriginal language program in partnership with their local Aboriginal community.

Aboriginal language programs in public schools NSW operate to enable Aboriginal communities to preserve, teach and use their local Aboriginal language. Learning an Aboriginal language provides an opportunity for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students to better understand local Aboriginal culture and help build identity, self-esteem and resilience among Aboriginal students.

Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests

Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests is an initiative of OCHRE: The NSW Government Plan for Aboriginal Affairs. The Nests create learning pathways for Aboriginal students, teachers and community members.

Revitalising language and culture will help support Aboriginal people to learn their local Aboriginal language, both within their community and in school. Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate is responsible for leading the Aboriginal Language and Culture Nest initiative. There are 5 Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests in NSW they are:

  • Bundjalung Language and Culture Nest
  • Gamilaraay/Yuwaalaraay/Yuwaalayaay Language and Culture Nest
  • Gumbaynggirr Language and Culture Nest
  • North-West Wiradjuri Language and Culture Nest
  • Paakantji Language and Culture Nest

View the Aboriginal Language and Culture Nest interactive map

The Department of Education and the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. continue to work together to ensure that the local Aboriginal community is fully engaged in the Nest initiative. This is achieved by:

  • increasing and formalising Aboriginal community involvement through the establishment of Local Reference Groups
  • providing support for the identification and ongoing functions of community-endorsed Keeping Places
  • ensuring Aboriginal community members have access to qualification based learning
  • increasing the number of qualified tutors available to schools
  • ensuring each Nest has its own Aboriginal Language and Culture Advisor/s

To find out more about Aboriginal language programs in NSW public schools or Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests, please contact Janice Dennis, A/Manager Aboriginal Language, Culture and Communities on 02 9244 5751.

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