Project deeds

Project deeds are used for the joint construction of a school facility with a community partner e.g. council, with the aim of joint use of the completed facility eg playing field.

The project deed only covers the construction of the proposed jointly used facility.

A separate licence will need to be drafted for the shared use when the facility is completed. In both cases the local asset management unit and legal services directorate will need to be involved very early on in the process.

A project deed and licence may be referred to as a joint use agreement.

Resources for school principals and community users

Project deed and licence for joint use checklist (PDF 79.38KB)
A guide for schools and users in the process of establishing project deeds and licences for joint use

General responsibilities
General responsibilities for principals and community users to take into account before considering entering into a project deed and licence for joint use

Proposal for project deeds fact sheet (PDF 86.03KB)
Information that may be required in establishing a project deed and licence for joint use

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