OSHC licence fees FAQs

Answers to some commonly asked questions about OSHC  licence fees.

Q1 Are licence fees to OSHC operators being standardised?

The licence fees paid by OSHC operators in government schools will vary according to the type of operators and the number of children attending the service.

Q2 How are licence fees calculated?

To ensure consistency and fairness, the Department of Education has set standard fee structures for licences and leases for OSHC services. In calculating the licence fee for OSHC provision, a formula has been developed.

Q3 What is taken into account when calculating the fee to be paid?

  • the category of the OSHC operator
  • the size of the space available to the children's service operator  for the conduct of the service
  • the number of children to whom the service is being provided
  • the number of hours per day the service operates
  • the number of days in the week the service operates.

Q4 What are the types of OSHC operators?

  • P&C and other parent run services
  • Not-for-Profit operators
  • Commercial operators

Q5 Who does a school or operator contact about licence fees?

If a school principal or operator of an OSHC service would like to discuss the terms of the licence agreement at their school or under their operation further, in the first instance they should contact the local Asset Management Unit.

Q6 What does the licence fee go towards?

The licence fee is required to cover all the school's costs associated with having the operator use school facilities for the purpose of providing the service.

In general, those costs include electricity, gas, water, cleaning, garbage removal, additional school administration, maintenance, additional wear and tear, the use of some items of equipment and any other incidental costs.

Q7 Why do licence fees increase?

Licence fees increase by a standard 4% on the anniversary of the commencement date of the licence to cover CPI and increases in utility costs. Provision for an annual increase is written into the Licence Agreement.

Q8 Who sets the fee parents pay for the OSHC service?

The OSHC provider determines the fees charged to parents.

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