OSHC licence fees

Community users of school facilities may need to pay licence fees.

NSW public schools are not funded to provide OSHC services. They make facilities available where they can as a community service.

Children's services operating on school sites on the basis of shared use of the facilities with the school will be the subject of a licence agreement between the school and the operator.

The provision of OSHC services has to be supported by the school community and the Director, Educational Leadership.

Drafting leases and licences

The drafting of lease and licence agreements is not the responsibility of the principal or the school community. All leases and licences will be prepared by the local asset management unit in cooperation with legal services directorate in consultation with schools and the proposed operator.

The term of the licence agreement varies but the most common is an initial term of five years with an option to renew for another three years (ie total of eight years).

Each licence is developed taking into account the specific needs of the school and the service operator, and contains specific clauses addressing local requirements.

OSHC operators

The department recognises three categories of OSHC operators:

  • Category A - Parents and Citizens run services and other incorporated school-based parent operated services where the service can produce evidence of their status as an incorporated school-based parent organisation
  • Category B Not-for-profit operators other than those in Category A
  • Category C For-profit operators.

Calculating licence fees

A licence fee will be established based on the number of children, the associated space required for the number of children and hours of use.

The licence fee is required to cover all the school's costs associated with having the operator use school facilities for the purpose of providing the service including electricity, gas, water, cleaning, garbage removal, additional school administration, maintenance, additional wear and tear, the use of some items of equipment and any other incidental costs.

Regardless of the type of service operator (P&C, not-for-profit or commercial) the licence fees do vary based on the average number of children attending a service.

In calculating the fee to be paid, the department takes into account:

  • the category of the children's service operator
  • the size of the space available to the children's service operator for the conduct of the service
  • the number of children to whom the service is being provided
  • the number of hours per day the service operates
  • the number of days in the week the service operates.

The set licence fee may be increased to suit local circumstances, however, any increase must be approved by the delegated School Infrastructure NSW executive.

Licence fees are increased by a standard 4% on the anniversary of the commencement date of the licence to cover CPI/ increases in utility costs.

The licence fee will be set in accordance with the standard formula applicable to each of the three categories of operators.

Licence fees for P&C Association run services

Licence fees are different for P&C Association run services and other incorporated school-based parent operated Children's Services (Category A) in comparison with other not-for-profit operators (Category B) in recognition of the special partnership arrangement between schools and their Parents' and Citizens' Association or other school community incorporated groups.

Licence fees for not-for-profit run services

In the case of not-for-profit operators, who generally invest heavily in local communities, the department applies a standard formula to ensure that it recovers the cost of hosting the service at a school.

Licence fees for commercial run services

The fee for category C commercial operators will be charged at 1.75 the cost recovery rate.

If a tender is required before a provider is appointed, the tender documentation will clearly state the licence fee to be charged. The licence fee will not be an evaluation criterion in the tender assessment.

Charging parents

The fees charged by OSHC service operators to parents are determined by the provider.

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