Licences and leases

A lease or licence should be used when:

  • the length of the community use arrangement is for a period exceeding 12 months (not-for-profit and for-profit) or
  • the community use arrangement is a commercial venture (regardless of time frame). Refer to the definitions in section 1.3 of the Community Use of School Facilities implementation procedures for more information.

Use a licence when the operator's use of the space is not exclusive (some licences may entail exclusive use). Use a lease when the operator has exclusive use of the space.

Regardless of the period of use, a lease or licence must always be prepared and signed before the following services are provided by an external party on a school site:

  • an Out of School Hours Care Service
  • any other early childhood education service
  • a school canteen
  • a uniform store.

Resources for school principals and community users

Lease/licence checklist (PDF 247.13KB)
Checklist to guide schools and users through the process of establishing a lease or licence.

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