Not for profit hire charges

Community use of school facilities

The following hire charges are for guidance purposes only. The charges have been calculated on a cost recovery basis and are reviewed annually.

Sample hourly rates for school venues (updated January 2020)


Charge per hour*







Hall – primary school


Hall – high school


Office / meeting room


Library – primary school


Library – high school


Multi purpose court


Playing field

$0.049 per sqm

Staff common room


Toilet block


*A minimum payment of two hours is suggested.

These rates are GST exclusive.

All bookings should include time for setup and packing up.

Hire of venues without bathrooms (such as classrooms, demountables and playing fields) will require hire of toilet blocks.

Use of school facilities for electoral events

The department has agreements with the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) and the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for the use of school facilities during electoral events.

Terms and conditions of use of NSW Government school facilities for electoral events are available from the Policy Library.

Federal electoral events

From 2019, the rates per AEC electoral event are:

Venue Charge per electoral event
Classroom x1, or $91.80 + GST
Primary school hall x1, or $543.78 + GST
High school hall x1, or $1,274.58 + GST
Gymnasium x1, or
Auditorium x1
$1,274.58 + GST

March 2019 state elections

For the March 2019 state elections only, the rates per electoral event were:

Venue Charge per electoral event
Classroom x1 $70.00 + GST
Hall x1, or
Gymnasium x1, or
Canteen x1, or
Library x1, or
Multi-purpose centre x1
$310.00 + GST

Rates for future state and local government electoral events: to be advised

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