Community use agreement

Community use agreements are used when:

  • a community organisation wishes to use a school's facilities on a one-off basis.  For example, a sports association hiring the hall for its annual presentation night
  • a community wishes to use a school's facilities on a regular basis for a period up to but not exceeding 12 months.  This may also include a use for a short period, such as a fortnight or over a month. An example would be a local craft group hiring a room every Tuesday night for a year or theatre rehearsals
  • at the  principal's discretion, for very small commercial operations such as dance or drama classes for up to but not exceeding 12 months. If there is any doubt, Legal Services should be consulted for further advice.

Resources for school principals and community users

Community use agreement checklist (PDF 161.6KB)
Checklist to guide schools and users through the process of establishing a community use agreement

Not-for-profit hire charges
Sample fees charged to not-for-profit organisations

Community use agreement (PDF 281.5KB)
Proforma community use agreement

Child protection declaration form (PDF 271.58KB)

General COVID-19 requirements - Visitors, community use and play groups
Instructions on how to adhere to the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and NSW public health requirements

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