User research

User research is the driving force behind the redesign of To deliver a better experience, we need to understand what's important to our users by getting into their hearts, minds and environments. By taking a user's view, we can focus our efforts on the things that make a difference and that matter most to them.

Get to know our users

From our research activities with over 700 staff, we've pulled together the things that are important to know and keep in mind when organising and writing new content.

The staff groups include teachers, principals, schools and corporate staff; and they:

  • want a single source of truth and starting point for getting to department information
  • want frictionless and easy access to information
  • want to be able to search for what they want and also be guided to new information
  • want to access content in a way that makes sense to them, not how the department is organised or operates
  • want to feel confident and trust the information they find so that they can act on it
  • are task focused and time poor.

Take a look at our user personas to see these characteristics described in context of our users' everyday lives.

How we can help our users

The new website will create a more connected experience and increase the findability of information by making all content available through one navigation model.

To do this we are focusing on 4 key areas:

  1. Great content
  2. Simple navigation
  3. Search everything
  4. A single source of truth

We are working in new ways to change how we have traditionally delivered content online to deliver the best user experience.

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