The prototype

We have developed a prototype of in consultation with schools, parents and corporate audiences.

We continue to refine the prototype's design based on feedback and user testing sessions. The prototype is now in its fourth major iteration.

There are two versions of the prototype: alpha and beta.


The alpha release of will provide a sneak peek at what we have planned for It will showcase sections of the website that have been released to date, and also feature our new search feature that will aggregate public and secure content from these new sections.

The alpha will be opt-in and accessible to department employees only.

View the alpha homepage prototype


The beta will be the first public release of our new website. It will include access to the main sections of our global information architecture, bringing together content from four key sources: public schools, curriculum support, the staff intranet, and the corporate website.

View the beta homepage prototype

Register for usability testing

We periodically invite feedback from NSW public schools and DoE corporate staff through usability testing. If you are interested to participate in our usability testing sessions, please email us with details of your role, location and the best way to get hold of you. Laura Zucchetti, from the Digital Services team, will be in touch to discuss next steps.

Version 3

Version 2 - available from the Corporate research report (Google drive - DoE access only)

Version 1 - available from the Schools research report (Google drive - DoE access only)

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