Aboriginal Participation Strategy

From 1 January 2021, a new version of the NSW Government Aboriginal Procurement Policy will come into effect for goods, services and construction.

A new 2021 Aboriginal Participation Strategy for goods and services and construction will be released soon.

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy and the department's Aboriginal Participation Strategy aim to support employment opportunities for Aboriginal people and support sustainable growth of Aboriginal businesses through NSW Government procurement activities.

Aboriginal Procurement Policy targets by 31 December 2021

  • 1% of total addressable spend. The APP aims for NSW Government clusters to direct 1% of the cluster’s addressable spend to Aboriginal businesses.
  • 3% of total goods and services contracts. The APP aims for NSW Government clusters to award 3% of the total number of goods and services contracts to Aboriginal businesses.
  • 3,000 full-time equivalent employment (FTE) employment opportunities supported. The APP aims to support an estimated 3,000 FTE opportunities for Aboriginal people through NSW Government procurement activities.

Read the strategy

2021 Aboriginal Participation Strategy - coming soon

You can read the previous department's Aboriginal Participation Strategy (goods and services) 2019/20.

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