The strategy prioritises 3 areas:

  • Growing the overall supply of teachers so that we can continue to meet demand now and into the future.
  • Encouraging more teachers to train in high-need and specialist areas.
  • Strengthening the supply of quality teachers in regional communities to provide targeted support for students in the places it is needed.

1. Grow overall supply of teachers

  • Recruit teachers beyond NSW - interstate and internationally
  • Roll out targeted awareness-raising campaigns of employment opportunities
  • Improve perceptions of teaching
  • Accelerate careers of high-performing teachers through programs such as FASTstream
  • Help rural and remote schools access casual teachers where they are needed most.

2. Encourage more teachers to train in high-need and specialist subject areas

  • Provide accelerated mid-career pathways for existing teachers and experienced subject matter professionals
  • Provide targeted teacher retraining in high-demand subject areas
  • Expand scholarships for teacher retraining in Inclusive Education
  • Provide new pathways for School Learning Support Officers and locally-based students to become teachers
  • Collaborate with the university sector to access new Technological and Applied Studies teaching places via pilot programs.

3. Provide targeted teaching support for students in the places it is needed

  • $15 million of immediate investment based on the Rural and Remote Incentives Review
  • Increase teach.Rural scholarships to attract high quality teachers to rural and remote areas
  • Expand the Rural Experience Program to encourage metropolitan teachers to complete a trial placement in a rural school
  • Identify and support high potential secondary students from regional communities to become teachers via the Grow Your Own pilot program
  • Support for Rural Beginners to help new teachers settle into regional communities.
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