Setting our schools up for the future

NSW has invested in substantial activities to boost teacher supply, dedicating $38 million annually to teacher supply initiatives, including rural and remote incentives, scholarships and attraction to teaching activities. These actions have seen record numbers of teachers appointed to the NSW public school system. The NSW Government is on track to deliver its commitment to recruit an additional 4,600 teachers over 4 years, but it is essential that we continue to plan to address current gaps and future workforce needs.

Teacher supply pipelines are an ongoing challenge both nationally and internationally. Attraction to teaching, forecast enrolment growth, increased demand for subject specialisations, and regionalisation are universal issues that continue to apply pressure on a sustainable teaching workforce pipeline.

The NSW Teacher Supply Strategy is an evidence-based plan to continue to attract and grow quality teachers, with the right subject qualifications, to locations where they are needed, to support and advance our students.

The strategy is based around three key priorities. It aims to grow the workforce by: improving attraction to teaching, re-training and upskilling more teachers to specialise in high-demand subjects, and boosting teacher supply in regional and remote communities.

It includes a range of innovative initiatives designed to create a diverse and sustainable pipeline of teachers to support our students into the future.

The NSW Government is investing $125 million over the next 4 years to support the delivery of these initiatives as part of a broader commitment to build a world-class education system.

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