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Our school was built 140 years ago in the 19th century and has a rich history of farming, horse racing and quality education. We now have something new that we are proud to add to our history. Our awesome use of technology.

My name is Mia and I'm here to tell you how we use technology at Terara Public School.

We have a lot of devices at our school. In our K to 4 classrooms, we have one Chromebook for every two students as well as 10 iPads per class and in our 5 to 6 classrooms, we all bring our own devices in everyday for learning.

To make sure we're always connected, every learning area including ones in our beautiful outdoor settings, is fitted with Wi-Fi. Our whole school site is covered

It's great that we have all these devices, but how do we manage them?

Our Chromebooks are simply and effectively set up and managed from the Departments admin console, while our iPads are effortlessly managed through an MDM server

with an application server to save our precious bandwidth. and our few remaining desktops and laptops are managed through the UDM?..and this trusty blue cable.

This means our teachers spending less time mucking around with technology and more time using it to transform their classroom

So, what does it look like?

At Terara, we use technology to connect, engage and get ready for the future.

Every class from K to 6 uses Google's G suite. Having everyone connected on the same platform makes it simple for both teachers and students and means that each year we can do increasingly complex tasks like quickly collaborate and create share Google slideshows or use a share Google sheet to see group data change in real time

Because it's automatically saved in the cloud, we're able to work on tasks out of school

anywhere with Wi-Fi. Our teachers also use technology to engage us in learning, using websites such as Socrative and Kahoot!.

These tools that our teachers see what we are all thinking at the same time and adjust their teaching accordingly. Our teachers also use technology to differentiate learning for everyone, so that all the class work is challenging and Individualized.

This helps us become resilient, self-motivated learners. We also further prepare for our futures by taking part in STEM lessons by building and coding robots to solve complex problems. Thank you robot

(Robot) Okey Dokey

That's great for our students, but what about our teachers? Our teachers love using technology and embed it in all their lessons. They wirelessly mirror their iPods to the smart boards using air server. When paired with an Apple pencil, it converts their iPad into a portable whiteboard, which lets them do some pretty neat stuff. They just love using it.

So, that's how we use technology

We might have been built in the 19th century, but at Terara, we teach for the 21st.

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