Voice of school admin staff transcript

The Online Enrolment Project is about bringing the process of engagement of the Department of Education with parents into the 21st century.

We want our parents to be able to go online like they can for many other services they access in their lives to enrol their student in one of our schools. There's a lot of development going on now in Castle Hill, so we're expected to keep growing so our enrolments are going to keep exploding, we're expected to go up about 500 students in the next three to four years. I'm all for any improvements, any online work.

When they were talking at the brainstorming about needing schools for a pilot school, I just think that with my background, not being just an admin background,

I wanted to be involved in the pilot because I would look at software differently to the way a lot of other people do, so we put our hand up straight away to be part of the pilot school. I was very excited to know that the school was moving towards an online form. I already have a son here and I did the paper form two years prior, which was very long. The online form made it a lot faster, you could obviously save it and come back to it and it was very easy.

I think everybody is so used to using technology these days and doing most things online, seemed like a very natural step to do it. Paper is certainly being phased out generally everywhere so, a lot of what I do at work is all online on computers and I imagine that's similar for a lot of people.

The Digital Accelerator team have really helped us with the new process in terms of how we approach what was an IT engagement essentially, they've stepped us through and held our hands through the design thinking approach to really wrapping users around the design of this system. They've given us a bunch of support and knowledge. We've actually co-located at their offices and they've been really our partners in delivering this project.

What we've done here in our lab is using a service design approach we've gone out to schools and we've worked with admin staff over the last year to design a system that works best for them. So, we've looked at what they need to do to process a student, to be able to have that student ready, we've re-designed with them how the forms work and how we accept information. With this online enrolment system, they started talking to schools before they developed it, they involved schools in the development, I felt it really empowered to be able to give them input and I can see some of the input we gave them back in what we've actually used, so it was a whole different process,

I feel happy about this because we were involved in it and that's what software development is all about, you need to talk to the end-user and develop a product for them. If we're sort of putting a bit of feedback in about it and they're fixing up what we've sort of suggested, I think it will help them as well and I think a lot of schools then will embrace it because there's a variety of schools that have got an input into it which I think is a great help. Changing this enrolment process is the first step to many more services that will enable schools digitally.

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