Transcript of the Prairievale public school video

The whole school had a chance to have a go at looking at tours, so we wanted to actually create with it.

So I came up with the idea to use our PBL which we are introducing at the school from last year to use the 360 photos and incorporate some little animations or animated characters to show the rules across the school.

As it was the beginning of the year it was a really great time to reinforce what was introduced last year with our new school rules of being safe, being respectful and being resilient and the different ways that we show this in the areas around our school for the new kindergarten children coming through and even for the younger students.

Here sometimes you know there are different things in different areas that we don't realize and so it was a good wait for the children to pick a space in our school with one of the 360 photographs and show their- or apply what their knowledge is of the rules in that area.

We made a virtual reality representation of our school rules. We used 360 degree images. We used artificial characters to represent bad and good behaviors. So we felt this was important because we could use artificial characters to show bad behavior instead, not real people.

We used digital generated characters so they could last forever and they can't - they also can't graduate school as well. I'll be going to year 7 next year so I know that this will help future students. I chose the library and I included a lot of materials.

You had to show that you have to be quiet in the library and where you borrow your books and where you stay if you want to read a book. I thought it would be helpful for other students to see what it would look like.

It was very fun because we could incorporate things that you wouldn't normally have. We chose a virtual reality experience for them to show their PBL rules.

It gave us the opportunity to use environments or true environments around our school and blend it with some artificial characters that could show positive and some negative behaviors around our school that we wouldn't otherwise be able to show.

I like putting the people in and imagining what they would say. I like putting in sometimes bad behavior, because you wouldn't normally be allowed to do that.

We could do things in virtual reality that we would not be allowed to do in your life.

I think this is a good way to show it so people could see what it looked like. Sharing information this way could be helpful to other students.

We had students work together that wouldn't work together in other situations, but the VR really brought them together. Our projects are now showcased on the school website.

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