Voice of schools

In the videos on this page you'll hear from students, teachers, parents and carers, school leaders and support staff, sharing their ideas on what they want from digital.

A group of primary principals talk us through how they see the Schools Digital Strategy making a difference at the school level.

In the 'voice of teachers' video, two head teachers share their vision for future focused learning and discuss how the SDS can help us achieve our goals.

The next two videos show how digital is making a difference for students now, in and out of the classroom.

The final video features the Online Enrolment project, highlighting the benefits of an end-user approach in the development of the tool and showcasing how digital can reduce the admin burden.

Video - Voice of principals

Duration - 4:35

Voice of principals

Read the transcript of 'Voice of principals' video.

This video showcases interviews with principals from the Sutherland Shire primary school cluster speaking about how the Schools Digital Strategy (SDS) will benefit schools.

The Sutherland Shire primary school cluster has developed a 'voice of schools handbook' in which it adapted the strategy to their school's individual needs, creating its own local digital innovation model.

Principal at Sylvania Heights Public School Clint White said schools would benefit from the SDS by providing the framework, processes, expert support and resources to set and follow a clear digital direction:

"It would connect schools with what works well, freeing up key people at school to support digital, and providing integrated school-based professional learning."

"As we roll out new digital solutions we will also get more out of our existing digital tools and resources."

Video - Voice of teachers

Duration - 5:15

Voice of teachers

Read the transcript of the 'Voice of teachers' video

This video showcases interviews with two head teachers, Stacy Lambert and Chris Cividino, both coming from a metropolitan secondary school. Stacy and Chris are part of the core SDS project team.

Their contributions and teacher insights have been an invaluable asset in the development of the Schools digital strategy.

Video - Voice of students - Terara Public School

Duration - 3:13

Voice of schools Terara Public School

Read the transcript of 'Voice of students - Terara Public School'

This video showcases how Terara Public School uses technology. It was made by Matt Watt, relieving principal at the school.

Student Mia describes her school as follows:

"We use technology to connect, engage and get ready for the future. We might have been built in the nineteenth century, but at Terara we teach for the twenty-first!"

Video - Voice of parents - Athan's story

Duration - 3:24

Athan's story

Read the transcript of 'Athan's story' video

This video showcases how digital has made a life-changing impact on Athan's life. By using a telepresence robot, Athan is able to dial-in to school on a daily basis.

His mum Serena said:

"When Athan wakes in the morning, he wakes with a purpose."

Video - Voice of school admin staff

Duration - 3:23

The online enrolment project

Read the transcript of the Online Enrolment Project video

The Online Enrolment Project is a collaboration between the Department of Education and the Department of Customer Service.

Using design thinking principles, school admin staff and parents have been involved in every step of the development process.

Once rolled out, this tool will significantly reduce data entry, both by parents and by school admin staff. Seamless integration with ERN and increased data integrity are further benefits of the tool. One of the pilot school admin staff stated the following:

"It saves so much time, not having to enter all that data into ERN"

Online enrolment is now available to a selection of schools and will be rolled out to more schools using a phased approach.

More information about participating schools can be found on the enrolment pages of this website.

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