SDS – at a glance

Digital innovation continues to reshape our world, from the way we communicate and learn to do the jobs we do and the decisions we make.

We must embrace that change, seize those opportunities, and prepare ourselves by delivering an education experience that is connected, informed and empowered.

This is our opportunity to forge a clearer path and build a brighter future. With the Schools Digital Strategy (SDS), our schools will be empowered to determine their own digital future and be supported with the digital skills and tools they need to succeed.

Video - How the SDS will help you

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The SDS at a glance

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Our vision

The future of education will see students learn on their own terms, and their education will be personalised and flexible. Their teachers will be given the career support, skills, and resources they need to deliver a richer learning experience.

Parents and carers will be more connected to their child's learning journey. Their relationship with their school will be seamless and immediate via the channel of their choice.

School leaders will be empowered to innovate and map their school's pathway, and school support staff will be freed of the burden of administration so they can get on with better serving their school and students.

In delivering an innovative, efficient, informed, inclusive and connected school network, we will become Australia's best education system and one of the finest in the world.

Today's students. Tomorrow's world.

Learn more about our plan

This is our three-step plan to deliver a customer-centric, responsive, efficient, and seamless education experience.

Our plan

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