Our plan

To be a world leader in education, we must leverage new and emerging technologies and deliver an integrated digitised learning and teaching experience that is customer-centric, responsive, efficient, and seamless. This is our three-step plan to deliver that vision.

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1. Empower schools to shape their digital journey

Schools will drive their own digital aspirations and be supported in their evaluation, planning, and delivery. We will enable them to plan and implement new capabilities and measure their success.

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2. Build our school's digital equity and capability

We will deliver digital teaching and learning, improve student administration and school management, drive collaboration and communication, enhance our data, analytics and reporting capabilities, and strengthen our digital and equity foundations.

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3. Provide digital support to our schools

Our service model will be re-oriented to be more school, teaching and learning-centric and we will scale continuous digital innovation.

Our roadmap

The SDS will be implemented over three horizons spanning seven years.

How the SDS will help you

The future education experience will be simplified, intuitive, supportive, and digitally-enabled.

How the SDS will help you

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