Transcript for the Learning Spaces today - 360 video

This is the transcript of the Learning spaces today 360 video


Hey everyone! Now I know you've been looking on the Schools Digital Strategy site

just like me and you've seen something called learning spaces infused with digital technologies.

Now, we're here at the T4L team, me and you can see Greig just over here.

We got a little bit excited and we converted our existing space to

reflect all these awesome new learning spaces.

You can do the same. You don't need any new furniture, you just need a bit of

creative thinking. So let's walk you around our learning spaces.

We're going to start over here. What Greig's done is he has set up

'learning on a large scale'. So for this space it's all about

beaming out. Isn't it Greig?

Definitely! Put whatever behind you on the green screen and then bring it into reality!

...and then you're taking it out to classrooms across the school

and outside the school, so that everyone can participate in the learning.

Now we're moving over here where it's a little bit more usual and we've got

collaboration at school this looks fairly familiar we've got

devices you can use that awesome collaboration software that you've got

access to and students can even share their

learning from the laptop up to the big screen to collaborate together.

Oh my gosh, amazing! Then over here what we've got is

'individual learning' or in other words

'self-directed learning', now this can be done

in the classroom where you've got little pods for students, but also

outside the classroom where students are learning at home.

Learning on demand accessing videos, experts, LinkedIn learning, and getting to

learning when and where they need it.

Now I'm over to Greig. Greig's a guru in 3d printing. Because you

might want to bring in an amazing guru like Greig into your classroom for what

we know as... yes you've got it 'an incursion'. Hey Greig?

Definitely! and here we have 3d paint. We've got a couple of objects

on there, manipulate them around, heaps of things.

Amazing! We've got Heather over here. Heather couldn't make it to school today,

but guess what...she's able to tune in on her telepresence robot. She's going to

look at you. She's going to turn that way, there she is and she's dialing in to the

classroom to access it. Unbelievable hey Greig?

Talking about incursions we're now going on an excursion.

Just over here. Don't forget we can go into Taronga Zoo via our amazing screens,

connecting into Taronga TV and we can actually get outside our

classroom or take a telepresence robot or a camera

outside our classroom so that we can go on excursion, connect

with those amazing experts using technology. Don't forget group work.

Greg we've got robots down here too haven't we?

Where you can actually do your learning together using robots in all different

places and the final space we've got is just

over here all about 'direct learning' either inside

the classroom or outside the classroom. Because Heather,

she could be over here joining into this lesson that the teacher,

our amazing Kirsten is actually running just over here, which can go to

students to give them some direct instruction or to everyone no matter

where they are. Technology is infused throughout this

space, be it a filming kit when you're trying to connect to

learners, telepresence robot, collaborative technologies where you can

offer feedback to your students in real time, it's unbelievable...or playing

with STEM technologies, and don't forget: Get creative with your

space. Create learning spaces everywhere in your school to transform

learning and keep up to speed with everything

Schools Digital Strategy.

Thanks Greig.

Thank you Joe.

See you everyone!

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