Meet Elizabeth. She's a secondary school teacher who is always looking for ways to improve but the system is not always working with her. This is how the Schools Digital Strategy (SDS) will support her career and give her more time to do what she loves - teaching.

Video - How the SDS will help teachers

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Read the transcript of 'How the SDS will help teachers' video.

Teachers will:

  • Have administration and low-value tasks automated to allow more time to spend teaching students.
  • Receive improved support material making content creation and lesson planning easier including the launch of a digital curriculum and giving them the ability to make assessments online.
  • Have data from integrated learning platforms providing a real-time view of a student's performance to help prioritise teaching time.
  • Receive the resources to develop their digital skills.
  • Access the professional development required to integrate digital into teaching and learning.
  • Work in a learning space which has the digital tools needed to enhance the learning experience.

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