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Support staff will be able to dedicate more time assisting school leaders, teachers, students and parents as manual and low-value tasks are automated.

Meet Kirstin. She's a school administration officer who is meticulous, organised, and loves dealing with numbers almost as much as she does with people. This is how the SDS will free her of manual and low-value administration tasks so she can better support her school.

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What does the Schools Digital Strategy mean for our school administration staff?

School admin staff will have new tools and training to help simplify and streamline school management and student administration processes to relieve the admin burden.


Meet Kirstin, she's a school administration officer who is a meticulous and organised individual who loves dealing with numbers as much as she does with people.

[Voiceover - Kirstin]

I've been dealing with enquiries for more than 20 years but for the past decade, parents have been asking more and more questions. Mostly it's fine, but during enrolment time, it can be overwhelming. I need to concentrate to make sure I don't make mistakes entering all this enrolment data into ERN. It's a really stressful time.


We are improving student administration. More and more forms are being digitised and integrated, allowing our admin staff to spend less time dealing with customer transactions and more time supporting their school and the community.

[Voiceover - Kirstin]

No more paper forms, can you believe it? Enrolment time is back to what it's meant to be. An exciting time, welcoming new families to our school. I'm loving it.


The Schools Digital Strategy will ensure manual and repetitive administration and compliance activities are well and truly a thing of the past. Processes are digitised, automated and supported by technologies that monitor everything from communications to student wellbeing, giving back time to teachers, admin staff and principals.

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School support staff will:

  • Spend less time on manual and low-value tasks due to the automation of student administration and school management processes. This includes the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots for common service channels, digitisation of traditionally paper-based processes, and advanced analytics that can monitor everything from communications to student wellbeing.
  • Receive training and support required to learn new digital skills.
  • Be better able to support school leaders and teachers with digital adoption to drive improved school performance.

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